Hello, everyone!

After eight years in business, we have decided to close up shop and go off on a new adventure.   While the
website will be inoperative, the main email address (scott@motleyjewels.com) will be active until
October 2016.  If you would like to stay in contact after that, let me know and I will update you with a new
address when one becomes available.

It was a fun and educational ride!  We enjoyed meeting all of you along the way, customers and dealers
alike.  I never dreamed that we would start off as a small dealer at the Raleigh Fairgrounds in North Carolina
and grow into a travelling show with a website and then end up opening our own brick and mortar store in
Upstate New York!

We hope you enjoyed all of Jen's creativity as well as the American gemstones I was able to bring to the
public:  Tourmaline from Maine, Oregon Sunstones, as well as the color changing garnets from Arizona,
to name a few.

Good luck to everyone and maybe we'll run into you at some of the gemstone collecting sites!


Scott and Jen Ludwig